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Test Solutions for Model-based Development

How can I create the needed millions of scenarios?

How can I avoid the test explosion problem?

How can I find out if my tests are passed or failed?


Test solutions for Model based Development

Certified by German TÜV Süd to the ISO 26262 standard


About BTC EmbeddedPlatform

In modern development projects, different test methods need to be combined to ensure a sufficient level of quality for each integration level. This is e.g. also reflected in the ISO 26262 standard that recommends methods like Requirements-based Testing, Back-to-Back Testing or Formal Verification. While all methods have a different approach, they also have much in common. For all test methods, it is necessary to know the interface of the system-under-test, to be able to simulate and debug, or to generate reports. It may also be useful to share information and artifacts between the use cases, such as reusing functional test cases for a Back-to-Back Test.

BTC EmbeddedPlatform provides a common database and user interface to address different ISO 26262 compliant verification methodologies. Features that are required across multiple use cases are provided once and can be reused efficiently. This includes for example the analysis of the system-under-test and the traceability of requirements to tools like IBM DOORS,  PTC Integrity or Siemens Polarion.

BTC Embedded Platform


Formal Verification Package

The power of proof for safety-critical softwares

Back-to-back Test Package

Fully automated Back-to-back Test, Regression Test and Migration Test incl. Automatic Test Generation

Formal Test BASE Package

Advanced requirements-based testing enhanced by formal methods

Formal Test Package

Highly automated and advanced requirements-based testing enhanced by formal methods and automatic test generation

Requirements-based Test Package

Requirements-based testing for Simulink model

Formal Specification Package

Intuitive formal specification of functional requirements as a basis of automation

Requirements Analysis Package

Requirement Analysis for analyzing formal requirements for completeness, correctness and consistency (CCC)

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